Lemon and Garlic Artichokes in the Slow Cooker

(Confession: When every child is growing up, people always would ask what your “favorite food” was. ARTICHOKES was my answer. (yes, even as a kid!!!)  I love them and had not made them for myself as an adult, so this was a huge treat.  This recipe was great to have an appetizer ready while preparing an entree. 













For those of you who have never had an artichoke – get excited!  To eat them, peel off each leaf and, using your teeth, pull off the ‘meat’ from the leaves. (My mom like to call it the pulp though!)  As you continue to get further into the vegetable, you’ll get closer to the heart.  The leaves will continue to get more tender as you get closer to the center. Once you get to the heart, grab a fork and eat it all. It is SO delicious!!! 🙂 
I specially ordered these Organic artichokes from @ Backyard Produce especially for my girlfriends to come over for dinner. 
Jenny, Britton, & Jordan with finished Artichoke
Cut off artichoke tops and stems. Using kitchen shears, trim off sharp points from the artichoke. 
Love the color! 
Place all 4 artichokes flat in a slow cooker.  Place slivers of garlic among leaves and top with lemon slices.  Squeeze the other half of the lemon into the bottom of the crockpot. 
Add approximately 3 cups liquid (it can be a combination of wine and/or water.) 
Cover and cook on low for approximately 4-6 hours. 
(Note: I set mine on low before I left for work for 4 hours, knowing it would sit on warm for longer. It stayed on for 12 hours and worked great!)
Serve in individual bowl with melted butter to dip the leaves and heart in. Yum! 
Have your friends over and eat the artichokes!!! 

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