Partying with Pigs’ Feet!!

(and some ears too!)
Crew that tried it – Picture was taken while saying:
“I Love Pigs’ Feeeeeet!” 
Kirk, the “mastermind” of this idea! 

Chris was the first one willing to try.
He learned not to eat the skin! 
We’ll call this me being “force-fed” pigs’ feet – hmmm 🙂
You have to be saying – Why in the world did Kate make Pigs’ Feet?  The answer: A boy. My guy friend, Kirk, said he ‘knew the best way to help out my cooking blog.’  
He came up from Alabama with Pigs Feet in tow! 
So yes, this is where the adventure begins…….

Is this a recipe I am going to recommend for your next dinner party? No – However, was it a blast to see a bunch of friend all trying pigs’ feet! 

Holding a raw Pig’s foot – Cross that off the bucket list

For anyone who DOES want to make this, the ‘recipe’ is below. 
Pigs’ feet in the Crockpot
Finished produce before getting to the meat

How to cook Pigs’ Feet:

Rashid and Kirk with the Soul Seasoning!
Intro a Crockpot, place pigs’ ears and cover with pigs’ feet. Cover with water and add ‘Soul Seasoning.”
Massage it into the water and feet.

Cover and let cook over night.  Remove and place on baking dish to cook. 

Pull meat off the bone and eat.

Hmm, I mean, Yummmmm. J

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