Red Wine Sangria

Every time my best friends and I go to Hilton Head, we like to make sangria, guacamole, and grilled shrimp.  There is just something about this combination that says “beach” to us, but we chose to stay in town this Memorial Day weekend.  So instead we threw a 90’s themed party with Sangria and Guacamole (see Broccomole recipe)  Sangria was a hit (and even delicious another day later.)

1 Bottle of cheap red wine
1/3 cup sugar (If you use a sweeter wine, use less sugar.) 
3 shots Triple Sec
A variety of fresh fruit, cut
(I used an orange, a lemon, and a lime from Backyard Produce)
Ginger Ale (optional)

Mix liquids and sugars together in a 2 liter pitcher.

Slice fruit, squeeze juice of the fruit into the pitcher as you put the fruit into the pitcher.

Stir and chill overnight or for at least 4 hours.

The Next Day

When serving, pour some of the red wine and a few ounces of the ginger ale for a little fizz.

I pour about 2/3 Sangria and 1/3 Diet Ginger Ale over ice

Britton’s 90s outfit and Sangria

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