Pike’s Place Market Adventure

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Foodie Adventure at Pike’s Place Market

My sister and me at the Market

My sister and I spent some quality time together last week by walking around Pike’s Place Market.  We’ve been before, but it was almost 10 years ago.  We went up and down, making a few stops here and there.  It’s a home cooks inspirational dream! (I wish I could’ve taken it all home to cook, but I flew out that night.) 

Pike’s Place Fish Company is the famous fish location in the market. They make the product entertainment, and can pack the fish for you to fly home with. 

A great thing about the market though is there are other fish places further down where you can save money and still get freshly caught King Salmon for a great price. 

The market also has a huge variety of produce.  This fresh stand has so many colorful fruits and vegetables.

I loved this stand because it had so many unique vegetables: Fresh local morel mushrooms, sea beans, a variety of eggplants, multicolored carrots, and extremely neat looking romanesco broccoli.  

The First Starbucks (which had a line out the door!) 

My first purchase of the day was here at Totem Smokehouse. I brought back some smoked salmon salmon to use in a future recipe. (I’ll figure that out at a later date.)

My sister here, purchasing the fish

There were so many types of Smoked Salmon and Salmon Jerky – interesting!


Our last stop was Beecher’s Handmade Cheese store.  

I have never had a cheese curd in my life, so we knew that was going to be our snack from here. 

There were such a variety of cheese, and a deli
(We even took them to the Seattle Sounders Soccer game at a snack. Yum!) 

My First Cheese Curds Ever!

I highly recommend that anyone that goes out to Seattle goes early in their trip and tries to find a great product to be inspired by! 

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