• Edamame Guacamole

  • Variety is the spice of life, they say.  So this variation of a classic is also as spicy as you would like it to be!  Since I was trying to make it a little healthier by adding the edamame, I also decided to make whole wheat pita chips instead of just tortilla chips.
    ·         1 cup frozen shelled edamame, thawed
    ·         2 small ripe avocado, peeled and pitted
    ·         1 clove garlic
    ·         1 tablespoon Sriracha
    ·         1/4 cup fresh ciilantro
    ·         2 tablespoons lime juice
    ·         2 tablespoons olive oil
    ·         15-20 grape tomatoes, quartered or halved
    ·         Salt and Pepper to taste
    Process edamame, avocado, Sriracha, cilantro and lime in a food processor.
    Pulse until almost smooth.


    Add olive oil and pulse to make creamy consistency.
    Stir in chopped tomatoes.



    Season with salt and pepper.
    Transfer to bowl and serve.

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