Rainbow Chard and Cheese Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Chicken

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Rainbow Chard and Cheese Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Chicken

At the Ballard Farmer’s Market, in Seattle, Washington, I picked up the most beautiful rainbow chard. I knew I wanted to use it instead of spinach, and the boys had already eaten it in Pot Stickers with Rainbow Chard, which were a huge hit!  (I’ll admit, I just asked them which cheese they wanted on the inside so they didn’t realized I was putting the greens in before they started eating.)
The saltiness and smokiness of the bacon, really paired well with the creamy mixture inside the chicken.  My sister was very excited to win “best lunch” the next day at the office. 🙂 


4 chicken breasts, halved or butterflied
1/2-1/4 bunch rainbow or Swiss chard, sauteed, squeezed dry. (feel free to substitute any green here, including pre-cooked frozen spinach.) 
4 ounces cream cheese
1/4 cup of Parmesan cheese
4-8 strips of bacon (The thick cut bacon was used here, so only 4 slices were necessary.)
Salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

Butterfly or slice chicken in half. (Ideally, don’t slice all the way through to hold more of the filling while baking.)

With chicken breasts split open, salt and pepper the chicken. Then layer the sauteed chard, cream cheese, and Parmesan.

(note: the nephews requested  cheddar or mozzarella, but the cream cheese was the best.) 

Close and wrap each breast with 1-2 slices of bacon. 

Arrange chicken on baking sheet.  Cook for 30-40 minutes, until chicken is almost cooked through, about 155 degrees.  (note: total cooking time will be closer to 45-60 minutes, depending on size of breasts.) 

Increase oven heat to 450 degrees (or a low broil) and cook for about 15 more minutes until the bacon has rendered and is crispy.  (Note: If you cook the previous step chicken to completely cooked, your breast will be overcooked.) 

Allow to rest for 3-5 minutes before serving warm. 

Original recipe: http://www.tosimplyinspire.com/spinach-cream-cheese-stuffed-chicken-breasts.html

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