Hello Sailor, restaurant #2 of the James Beard Southeast Semi-Finalist, Joe Kindred, was a perfect patio evening out.  This restaurant is just north of Charlotte, NC on Lake Norman.  I love that this restaurant is on the lake, with multiple patio levels and a tiki bar.  Inside has a retro vibe (with some amazing cactus wallpaper.)  The menu has a variety of beach-type foods like fried shrimp, and yet they have a few things that really step it up a notch.  There is something to say about a restaurant like Hello Sailor where your co-owner Katy Kindred gets to each table and check in on her customers. It really makes for a full experience. IMG_6465



First, they have super-fun cocktails! This Marlin cocktail not only came in a super cute cup, but it also had a gummy worm in added effects. (Plus, who doesn’t love a lake background for a fish drink? Very Punny!)




The most important tip you need to know before you go? You MUST have the hushpuppies! They are seriously the best I have ever had in my entire life! According to Katy Kindred, they are much more of a beignet and super fluffy. Plus that yuzu kosho-honey butter… you probably need to go ahead and get 2 orders!


Most unique dish, for me, was the Blue Crab claws in a crunchy chili oil, and green coriander.  I am big fan of blue crabs, growing up with a beach out in North Carolina and my parents now living in Maryland.  This sauce was definitely not a typical crab dipping sauce, but it had a lot of depth to it (including the little crunchies!)


IMG_6470For the entree, this combo had the best of multiple dishes! This Combo #2 platter had baby back ribs  & Carolina Calabash Shrimp with avocado slaw and beef fat fries.  First, I have never had better fried shrimp! They are so incredibly light, and then the shrimp had such great flavor.  I can say the same for the avocado slaw, as I’ve never had a better cole slaw.  The ribs were not my personal favorite, but i like my ribs dry (so you may want to ask for sauce on the side), but the fries are very unique and crispy. IMG_6468


Don’t forget you can see this great view!  Head on north, and enjoy!


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