Easy Antipasti

One of the things I love about antipasti is that it is SUPER easy and you can change out the ingredients to whatever you have or want.   Just chop, marinade, and serve with toothpicks!


1 can black olives, drained
1 can quartered artichokes, drained
1 package colby jack cheese, cubed
1 ball or stick of mozzarella, cubed
1 stick salami, cubed. (I actually used kielsbasa this time, but I prefer salami.)
1 head of broccoli florets, blanced,
1 container of fresh mushrooms, quartered
1 container cherry tomatoes, halved (optional)
1 jar Italian salad dressing
Prepare above ingredients.


Stir and Marinade – recommend 1-3 hours. Peppers may get soggy over night. (I needed mine for a lunch event, so I did.)


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