Seared Scallops with Vegetables in a Cilantro-Coconut Sauce (Noix de Saint Jacques, Légumes croquants et infusion de lait de coco et coriandre)

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Noix de Saint Jacques, Légumes croquants et infusion de lait de coco et coriandre

Seared Scallops with Vegetables in a Cilantro-Coconut Sauce

This was the entree that we made in our French cooking class in Paris.  I love that we decided what to make by going to the market and going from there.  We saw fresh scallops that were still in the shell, and started there.  We also used cilantro in our appetizer, so we decided to integrate that too.  You can use any vegetables in this recipe, just make sure you can spiralize or julienne them all. 
Bon appétit! 


Me at the market, eating an apple turnover – they were my
favorite baked good (even over pain au chocolate!)


Fresh Scallop from the Market


What scallops look like right out of the shell


Where we bought our scallops


            16 fresh scallops
            2 zucchini
            2 carrots
            1 can coconut milk
            ½ bunch of cilantro (or other fresh herb)
            Extra Virgin Olive Oil
            Salt & Pepper
Video of the Parisian shucking OUR scallops! yum!

Wash the scallops and dry them. (We had to prep them by removing the additional piece The chef said that you could use them to help create a seafood stock later.) 

Me working on scallops
Tawnya and Me at the Cooking Class

 Use a julienne cutter or spiralizer in order to cut the zucchini in a spaghetti shape.


In a pot, heat the coconut milk until boiling point, stop it and add the cilantro and let it infuse for 10 minutes. (You could use any fresh herb, but basil would go exceptionally well here.)

Cilantro infused coconut milk


Sauteing Scallops and Veggies


In hot pan put some oil, cook the scallops 2 minutes each side. 

In an another hot pan with oil, heat the vegetables with salt and pepper for 2 or 3 minutes until just tender.

Scallops and Veggies – Ready to Plate


To Serve: On a hot plate, put some vegetables in the center.


Add 4 tablespoons of the infused coconut milk.  Plate the seared scallops and sprinkle with salt.  Serve warm. 

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