Passion Fruit Souffle (Soufflé aux Fruits de la Passio)

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Soufflé aux Fruits de la Passion
(Passion Fruit Soufflé)
This is the soufflé that Tawnya and I made in our Parisian cooking class.  The chef and I were looking to trying to find a unique fruit to make a dessert from that would wow ‘judges’ (had I ended up on that one cooking show I was waiting to hear back from. Didn’t happen, but that’s okay.)  This recipe really is a template for any fruit’s soufflé, but I like that the passion fruit added a little bit of crunch and tang.  

(note: I didn’t want to change his original measurements as they didn’t seem to direct convert. So just use a kitchen scale when making it.) 


Bon appétit!


Ingredients: (makes 6)
4 passion fruits                        
20 g Corn starch
30 cl pineapple juice
110 g white sugar
1 drop of Rum
5 egg whites
2-4 tbsp melted butter    

Inside of the Passion Fruit



Preheat the oven to 440° F

In a sauce pan, put the starch, the pineapple juice, half of the sugar and the inside of the passion fruits, then cook it until boiling, whisking periodically.  Add the rum and set aside. Allow to set a side as it will thicken up. 

In a mixer, beat the egg whites until they’re stiff and slowly add the rest of the sugar. 

To the slightly cooled and thickened passion fruit mixture, add the meringue in the first mixture end mix gently.

Brush butter in individual ramekins and add a little bit of sugar, so that it sticks. (may need to place in fridge to have butter cool on the inside. We repeated the butter the first time, but honestly, I wouldn’t add the sugar again.)  

Dollop the egg white/fruit mixture high above the ramekin container.   

Cook it for 8 minutes or until the top is just lightly brown.  Serve warm. 


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