Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce

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This has, for a long time, been one of my favorite breakfast meals to order when I’m out at restaurants.  The problem at being single at home is that I didn’t want to attempt this large meal and not have anyone to share it with. I feel confident with my cooking, but this still seemed like a challenge.  I visited my parents this week and decided to go ahead and face it…. I have to say, it was a success and super delicious!

Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce

As it was my first time making this, the recipe came from Tyler Florence – Thanks!

Tip! (You’ll see these directions below, but before you begin your sauce, get your 10 inch sauce pan with 2 tsp of white vinegar on the stove top. This will allow it time to get to a low boil while you make the sauce.)

Starting by making the sauce, as you can keep it warm while you cook your eggs.

 Hollandaise Sauce

Find small sauce pan where you can get your water to a simmer and a larger bowl to fit on top. (A double boiler will work, but for us home cooks, this is an easier solution.)
Mix 4 Egg Yolks and 1 tbsp Lemon Juice in a bowl. You’ll need to whisk vigorously until the liquid appears to double in volume.
(Tip! To separate the egg yolks from the white: (1) Crack the egg in half in the middle over a bowl, (2) Slowly pour the egg yolk from one half of the egg shell to the other, allowing the egg white to fall into the bowl and the yolk to stay in the shell. (3) Repeat until the yolk is all that remains in the shell.)

– Place bowl over pot with a simmer, making sure the bowl is not touching the water. (You don’t want the egg to cook.)
– At this step take one stick (8 tbsp) of melted butter and whisk part of it into yolk/lemon mixture. You’ll need to whisk constantly while slowly adding the butter. This sauce will double again in volume.
(This takes two hands, hence why I couldn’t take a picture.)
– Add a pinch of cayenne pepper (about 2 shakes), and salt to taste. 
– Keep Warm. (I turned off the heat and it sit as seen below.


Eggs Benedict

Add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar to a 10 inch sauce pan, half filled with water. Bring it to a slow boil.



– Very carefully break the eggs and drop them into the water (making sure not to break the yolk.)
(I am sure this could use some improvement to keep them ‘tighter’, but this is a learning curve.)
– Leave in the water for THREE and a HALF minutes – NO MORE!
While the egg is cooking, put the Canadian Bacon in a skillet and toast up the English Muffin halves.
 (Tip! Feel free to change out the Canadian Bacon for ham, spinach, tomatoes, fried green tomato, sausage, or more!)


Plate up your dish. 🙂  English muffin, Canadian bacon, topped by Poached egg – and finally…

The Hollandaise you made earlier! (If it’s too thick, add a little water to thicken it up.)


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